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“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

We love this Quote!
We strongly believe that every human being is responsible for making the most of their abilities by staying fit, healthy and maintaining a confident appearance. But this quote means more to us than just that. We feel that although we want to be fit and healthy, our real passion is in developing our minds by learning new things and pushing ourselves to make the most of our mind. Imagine how developed we would have been if we had focused less on what was on tv and more on the fundamentals of what we learn in School.
Why is this important? As an adult now, we can see how refreshing it is to interact with someone who is intelligent, sociable and can clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas in a compelling way. A person who is confident and knowledgeable with good logic, sound judgement and good morals. The basics of school teach us and prepare us for what we will eventually become for a significant portion of our lives.
Similar to different personality types, each student will have different learning methods which work best for them however the real question is, at what point will they find the best method for them? And is it too late at that point?
We think with proper guidance and sound teaching, any student can develop the necessary skills to become an intelligent adult and do something they are passionate about in their life.
I believe that our passion in education and our solid knowledge can help any student with the learning material from their class and prepare for tests in a manner that will not on be reflected in their grades, but will remain with them as knowledge for the future.
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We tutor all Subjects in Middle School/High School/College

Report/Assignment Assistance

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Resume Building and Career Prep

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An effective Tutor can give you the boost that you need to overcome the learning challenges that exist within the education system and stand out as a top student

Tutoring can enable you to:

Get the extra attention you need to develop a good foundation in your courses and learn challenging concepts.

Compete with Top Class Mates.

Prepare yourself for the next level.

Report/Assignment Assistance

I strongly believe that with a good research strategy and a structured approach, any student can write excellent reports. We will guide you through the report writing process to show you how to conduct accurate and reliable research and write in a structured logical manner.\r\n\r\n

Not only can we guide you but we can edit your reports and assignments and teach you methods of improvement and validation.

Resume Building and Interview Prep

In a tough job market over the years I have learned that it is a waste of time to send a resume without a targeted strategy. Here are the key things that I think will prepare you for your first job or career and we can help you with the process:
1. A Strong resume - we can help you write customized resumes in a visually pleasing structure that will help you to stand out to the company you are applying to.
2. Good Interview Prep - I have never gone to an interview without practicing as many potential questions that will help me interview more confidnethly and better prepared. We can rehearse and develop questions for you and help you develop answers. We can help you choose what your career is. We will get you to do a personality survey. Although it costs money, we strongly recommend every young person to do it and answer honestly to better understand who they are and what type of career they think they would be happy at.

Our Team

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Arash Habib
Arash Habib
Principal Tutor
Iqbal Habib
Iqbal Habib
Principal Tutor
Sadaf Amini
Sadaf Amini
Principal Writer

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